Passionately devoted to producing delightful creative works, California-born photographer and polymath Christopher C. Lee stands out for his ability to capture timeless moments through his craft.

His initial immersion into various urban cultures brought a profound awareness of fashion, street art, and design ethics. The brainchild of his lifestyle efforts resulted in streetwear label and movement, Troo Wear (

Represented as a Certified Professional Photographer through PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and NYIP (New York Institute of Photography), his commercial work includes broadcast production with Sky News Australia, and collaborations with Google, Microsoft, Airbnb, Dropbox, YouTube, and more.

He participated in the videography of Axent Wear, a headphones start-up by the celebrated artist Yuumei, raising over $3,000,000 in funds and achieving over 500,000 views on YouTube.

His founding of the media production studio, Photomochi (, further established masterful imagery in creative projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and he is also featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, Business Insider, and Bloomberg.

Christopher dedicates himself to respectful collaboration with creative peers, with a large network of professional artists that he tirelessly supports.

He enjoys amiable, introspective chats with friends and approaches his work the same way that he greets folks – sincerely and true to the heart.