After three and a half years at UC Berkeley, I’m graduating and moving on to the next phase of my life. College gave me so many opportunities to meet people with common interests and goals and I’m grateful for that. There’s always a supportive environment for any creative project I want to do here. I’m glad I was able to attend this college. Continue reading

Cerulithian Film Project

I’ve started on a new film project! The film is titled, “Cerulithian”. It has a fantasy-mystery atmosphere that surrounds two main characters. Its theme revolves around escapism, sacrifice, and self-discovery. Continue reading

TubeMogul Hackathon Project – Bar 2.0

I worked as a web application development intern for TubeMogul (a rising video advertising platform based in Emeryville) during the summer. As I progressed on my project assignments, I quickly noticed the openness of our workflow and friendliness of the social atmosphere surrounding the office.
Continue reading

AFXsi Summer Showcase 2014

AFX Dance – an inspiring dance organization from UC Berkeley that seeks to empower dancers of any experience level – held its summer showcase this week. The showcase took place at Hearst Gym and the room was filled to the brim with dance enthusiasts and friends of dancers. I saw many of my AFX Dance buddies grooving happily within a variety of familiar and newly formed teams. It was awesome to check out the performances of all the new dancers that the group has taken in over the years. Continue reading

Axent Wear Kickstarter Shoot

I had an awesome weekend filming with 8:45a (video production agency) and the Axent Wear actors. The video is to serve as an advertisement for her upcoming Kickstarter campaign and from what I’ve seen so far on set – it’ll be pretty sweet. Continue reading

FanimeCon 2014 – HOME MADE KAZOKU Family Time!

This year’s FanimeCon guest lineup was awesome. HOME MADE KAZOKU, a Japanese Hip-Hop trio formed in 1996, have made hit anime opening songs in their album releases for popular shows like Bleach (“Thank You!!”) and Eureka 7 (“Shounen Heart”). I never thought I would get the chance to see them live, so when I learned they would be making their first appearance in the states I got real hyped up for it. Continue reading